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Red Guards' Woodcut 1967

Exhibited here is a series of small size black and white woodcuts of so called Red Guard Movement. They were created by the red guard art students in Jingdezhen Ceramic College of Jiangxi Province in later 1966. Jingdezhen has been the capital for porcelain in China for hundreds of years. The college there was specialized in cultivating handcraft artists for designing and painting porcelain.
After the breakout of the Cultural Revolution, Mao encouraged to set up the Red Guard organization among the middle school and college students all over China. Mao personally received millions of red guards at Tian An Men Square and demonstrated with the red arm band on his arm.
Red Guards were called to destroy the old and establish the new. Valiance spread across the country mostly from Aug. to Oct. of 1966. Temples and churches were destroyed and families were searched. When the red guard movement seemed out of control, Mao encouraged them to take a Long March hiking and later on to send them up the mountain and down the countryside.
These woodcuts are beautiful artifacts from Cultural Revolution telling the unusual history for ever.
Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center 2008.8.12

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